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Complete Surfboards: Ready to Ride, Decorate or for Marketing / Promotional & Branding

  • Looking for a new board with your own custom design? Want to decorate your home or office with a surfboard? Got a brand or product that you want to promote? What better way to do it than with a custom surfboard with your own graphics or artwork? Please note, custom surfboard builds require 3-5 weeks for production
  • The board, yep it's included and pricing is based on how long you want the board to be and what if any "extras" you might want to embellish your board. We will work with you to create a size and shape that is customized for your needs. Shortboards include a tri-fin set. Funboard and Longboard center fins not included.
  • You can send in your design that you have already created or you can use our BoardLams Customizer to design and/or layout your artwork on our board template.
Dont have a completed print layout yet and / or want to create something online now?

Click to watch our BoardLams Customizer Tutorial Video for more details on how to use the Customizer.

Start designing by clicking the "Launch Customizer" button below:

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Gallery of custom built boards by BoardLams