BoardLams Installation Guide

Keep your BoardLam dry (do not expose to water or liquids other than board resins) and clean until you are ready to use.  Also, try and keep the BoardLam as wrinkle free as possible. Before lamination, cut paper around the graphic leaving 1/4” inch or so.  The paper will become transparent during the lamination process so avoid sharp or angular cuts that may curl beneath the fiberglass.


Please Note:  For bottom laminates that cover the fin area, it is recommended that the fin boxes are set after the board has been laminated. 
  1. Mix your resin to kick slower than normal to allow extra time for laminate placement.  
  2. Saturate the area on the foam (skim coat) where the logo will be placed with a generous amount of resin.  
  3. Next, place the graphic in the saturated area to ensure that the graphic itself is completely saturated. 
  4. Pour some resin on top of the graphic and use a squeegee to pull any excess resin and air from beneath the graphic. 
  5. Using a “star-pattern” approach to pulling the resin from top to bottom, corner to corner, provides the best results. 
  6. Finally, lay out fiberglass and continue lamination as usual. 

If you have questions, feel free to call or write us! 

Disclaimer:  Uhuru Empire LLC / BoardLams assumes no responsiblity for graphics not installed by Uhuru, BoardLams or it’s
recommended manufacturers.