What's a BoardLam?

1.  What is a BoardLam™ ?

A BoardLam is a digitally printed logo / photo / graphic / artwork on a specialty media that works very well with the board manufacturing process. The specialty media is thin, registers graphics and art very well and becomes transparent when laminated, leaving only your design to show on the board.  BoardLams are meant to be used on new boards that are being manufactured.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.  Take a gander at our BoardLams photo gallery and videos for some visual stimulation!

2.  What are FiberLams™ ?

Simply put, Fiberlams are digital prints on Fiberglass.  FiberLams are a cutting edge approach to delivering structure enhancing graphics in laminated product manufacturing.  Our Aerospace Grade, tight woven 3oz Fiberglass delivers unbelievable print quality and ease of installation.  Complex approaches such as full product wrapping and in mold applications are now possible with our FiberLams!


3.  What is a BoardWrap™ ?

A BoardWrap is also a digitally printed logo / photo / graphic / artwork.  BoardWraps are meant to be used on existing, finished boards as a fresh new way to apply artwork and designs to the board.   Think of a BoardWrap as a "skin" that incorporates any design and can be used on almost any board (surf, snow, skate, SUP, skim, wake and so on).  If your board has a smooth surface then you can BoardWrap it. BoardWraps take skill to install.  Please contact us directly if you are interested in ordering a BoardWrap. 

4.  What are StompStrips™ ?

StompStrips are tail impact protection for your custom board.  Our StompStrips are printed on a 3oz aerospace grade fiberglass which adds additional strength to your board in this typically high impact area.  When your StompStrips arrive, take them to your board-builder to install when your board is built.   We are adding new designs as fast as we can come up with them so check back often.


5.  What do we offer ?

We offer solutions for board manufacturers, composite product builders and board riders.  Our products can be used for new and existing boards as a way to add creativity, structure and design elements to your board.  We offer the graphics standalone, complete boards and solutions for marketing, promotional and branding applications.