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Product Overview

Product Overview

Hey BoardLammers!  Trying to decide which of our products and print styles to use for your project?  Start Here!

This guide is designed to help you decide on the best BoardLams product for your art and graphics customization needs.  Whether you build surfboards, SUPs, canoes, boats, paddles, fins ... or are looking for a custom surfboard, we have a solution for you. 

Still not sure what to do?  Worry not, contact us, we are glad to help guide you through our products and process

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If you are looking to get artwork for a board or product that is being built, ricepaper and fiberlams™ are the products for you

Use Ricepaper

Use for small designs, Logos & Inlays
  • For logos (lams, decals) for your board / product
  • For small designs like photos or artwork
  • Your application area is mostly flat
Ultra Thin

USE FiberLams™

Use for full board graphics & wrapping applications
  • For full board art, designs and color
  • You have a large surface area to cover
  • Your application has curves like surfboard rails
BoardLams Tech

FiberLams™ are a BoardLams innovation that deliver your art and graphics directly onto our specialty fiberglass.  The print quality is unreal and the ability to laminate to complex shapes is unparalleled.  Fiberlams™ and surfboards go together like peanut butter and jelly  

Use Image scroller below to see how fiberlams™ work

uhuru_fiberlam_before_glassing.jpg Before
uhuru_fiberlam_after_glassing.jpg After

BoardLams "Print Styles" simply mean do we print white ink or not.  Use the product highlights below to help you determine which is best for your application.  Our Premium and Standard Print Styles are options that apply to our FiberLams™ and Ricepaper sheet printing

Standard Printing

  • Prints all colors with the exception of white
  • Any white in your design will be printed clear
  • Recommend for white colored surfboards and products only
No white ink

Premium Printing

  • Prints all colors plus white ink
  • White ink under-printed (flashed) on your designs
  • Colors stay true when placed on a colored board or product
+ White Ink

See what kind of influence white ink can have on your print.  Basic rule of thumb, if you are putting your print on anything other than a white board or product then you should go with Premium Printing Style.

Use Image scroller to compare

logos_prem_TEST_white.png Premium ( + white ink )
logos_stand_TEST.jpg Standard ( no white ink )


We offer a full line of sticker options to market your brand, style your board or to simply tag the town

BoardLams Stickers

White Vinyl - Die Cut Stickers

(Any Shape / Size)

Clear BoardLams Stickers

Clear Vinyl - Die Cut Stickers

(Any Shape / Size)

Cut Vinyl Decals

Cut Vinyl Decals

(Includes transfer sheet)

Professionally made custom surfboards by our builders with decades of experience.  All boards are built in Costa Mesa, California and can be shipped worldwide.  These boards are made ready to surf.  Personalize them with art and graphics that are meaningful to you.  Our custom board shapes and limitless graphics will be sure to turn heads on the beach or as decoration for your home, office or promotional needs

Designing your new surfboard in 4 easy steps

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