Who we are

 We are a dedicated team that loves creating, innovating and strive for excellence as it relates to the craft of board building.  This is our focus and we work hard daily to advance the technology and approaches to customizing graphics on boards.  We are united by our passion for art, creativity and the love of water sports.   We love that we can provide valuable solutions to board builders and board riders across the globe that ultimately translate to a creative product that someone can enjoy through a now personal connection to their boards.  

We come from Business, Marketing and Project Management backgrounds and making boards and creating art is at our very core.  Here are the owner profiles at a glance:

:: John Reinhard ::

{Creator, Shaper, Art Integration Specialist}

Well I can honestly say that I love what I do!  I would (and pretty much do) show up to work for free.  Surfing is my passion and every good decision I made in my life has been influenced by my love for the sport.  For example, I met my amazing wife while on a surf trip to Barbados.  I went to the wonderful University of North Carolina at Wilmington because I thought if I could be in a small college town which supported the beach and surf lifestyle, I would thrive.  After graduation I moved to California to chase a career that still would allow me to surf.  Once I got it in my head to start shaping surfboards there was no looking back.  Coming from a very artistic family I had finally found my "canvas" in board design.  With BoardLams.com my hope is to contribute to keeping boards and board riding fun and beautiful.

:: Mariale Reinhard ::
{Creator, Artist's Liaison, Social Media, Customer Service}

Growing up in Venezuela, some of my favorite memories were going on family trips to the beach. I loved every single part of it…everything was just fun, beautiful and amazing. 

Once I finished a college degree in marketing and business management, the love for the ocean and my desire to explore different places, took me on a trip to Barbados where I met John.  He very kindly offered a surf lesson, so I had the chance to try surfing for the first time with the best instructor ever. 

Since then, my understanding and appreciation for the surf culture started to develop and grow to the point that it became part of my life.  Creating and working at BoardLams is something that I love and share with my family and friends.  We look forward for you to become part of this exiting journey too!


10 Reasons why we are the best at what we do:
  1. Professionalism - We are professional surfboard builders with a graphics "touch"
  2. Experienced - We understand what it takes to build a board (we do it every day) and how important the customization through artwork is
  3. Research & Development - We use proven materials that work well with and compliment your board.  If there is a better way to do something, we are going to figure it out and enhance our offerings
  4. Core - We are not some mega graphics shop trying to cash in on the "action sports" craze.  We surf, skate, snowboard, SUP, skim, kite - just like you.
  5. Commitment - We have fun but we don't mess around.  You and your order is important to us.  We will get your job done as quickly as possible without compromising our high quality standards.
  6. End to End Solutions - We know what it takes to get the job done.  We have the knowledge, capacity and production skills to create surfboards and graphics to your vision.  Whether is 1 board or 1000 boards!
  7. Networked - We work with some of the best artists and board builders in the biz.  We want to keep things fresh and keep you coming back.
  8. Help when you need it - We are here to help.  If you have questions or need advice we are here for you.
  9. Value - Did you know that some graphics mega chains charge $7.50 per square foot for full color prints, on plain old paper?  With our prices averaging $10 per linear foot ($3.50 to $5.00 a square foot) we are keeping things reasonable over here.
  10. Love - That's right we said the "L" word.  Really, we have committed our lives to the sports that we love and the places that we enjoy them.  The ocean, the mountains, A-frames, tubes, and bowls all capture our minds, pump through our veins and define us as people and as a company.
Thanks for looking!  
Respect from the good people at BoardLams.com