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What's a Boardlam?

BoardLams are highly customizable and photo realistic, printed fiberglass, rice paper, decals and stickersBoardLams enable your logos and art to be integrated into the build of your composite products, like surfboards, boats, SUPs, wake surf, paddle blades, skateboards, and even rockets headed for outer space!  Literally, the sky is the limit for your creative and decorative potential.

BoardLams the company, is a team of hard working board shapers, surfers, skaters, entrepreneurs and idea people like you.  Dedicated to providing monumental service and cutting edge solutions for professional builders, enthusiasts and creatives like you.  Want some some sweet art and distinctive branding for your products and new boards?  The answer is BoardLams.

Big company or backyard builder, wherever you are, we got you covered.  Let's get started on your next project and let's get customized!

Our products, your designs, Order today!

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