Customer Testimonials

"John and the team at provide a great product and excellent, prompt and professional service.  Their BoardLams are great quality and integrate very well with our surfboard construction process here at JC Hawaii.  We have found BoardLams to be a great way to offer our customer's the opportunity to put graphics on their custom boards that would simply be impossible or too cost prohibitive through traditional surfboard art techniques.
Additionally we have found that BoardLams work well for our surfboard model logos that we may only require in short runs or for a limited time.  With the ability to upload our design to BoardLams we can send over any combination of models logos and colors.  BoardLams will print them and have them on-time, ready for our production needs. This comes in very handy if you find yourself short on logos or simply want to prototype some new logo concepts on boards.
They have also been very helpful to us with their custom graphic design work.   I have been able to discuss logo concepts with them and they do a good job of translating my vision into a real logo that I can use on our boards.   They come from a board building background so they understand the terminology, requirements and challenges of modern surfboard production.  They can even do custom graphic sizing based on the dimensions of our boards and produce graphics that match our outlines perfectly.   Choose, they know what they are doing and know how to get the job done." -Mahalo, John Carper - JC Hawaii

"Here at PureGlass we handle the production and glasswork for many of today's top surfboard brands.  BoardLams work extremely well with our production requirements and always finish out really nice.  At BoardLams they understand what it takes to integrate graphics into surfboards and they work on projects for many our our labels.  Our laminators are some of the best in the business and they all agree that BoardLams are very easy to work with.  When we are in a pinch because someone needs a new board logo by the end of the week, BoardLams always meets our needs.  If we get an order for 100 boards all that require corporate branding for a company's marketing efforts, we know BoardLams is the call we make for the graphics."  
-Big Jim, Owner - PureGlass Surfboard Manufacturing - Costa Mesa, CA

"My name is Jeff Anderson and I’m the owner of the North Atlantic Longboard Company, a small right coast operation located on Long Island. Even though my company name was likely unrecognizable to John, he went out of his way to provide me with the kind of service usually reserved for clients like Quiksilver. He took the time to talk to me personally, made sure he understood exactly what I wanted, and made delivery when he promised.  

I’ve surfed the Rockall Wave alone off the coast of Scotland and Wingsuit Base Jumped off some of the highest cliffs in Norway. In Greece, I spent a year in silence just to better understand the sound of a whisper, and in Northern Bali I connected with all of natures elemental forces, discovering the hidden natural powers of self healing, inner peace and complete contentment. Just recently I was also knighted by the Queen of England. Bottom line, I’m not easy to impress, but John opened my eyes to something I’ve never experienced before… true customer satisfaction."   Jeff Anderson, Owner / Craftsman - North Atlantic Longboard Co.

My experience with John and BoardLams was excellent! From the beginning, they were very accommodating and willing to work with me to find the best way to produce the custom board design and style I was looking for. They were in constant communication and provided helpful suggestions that made the production process very smooth and were quick to answer any questions that I had. The finished product turned out beautifully and was extremely well received by everyone.

I would absolutely recommend this company! 

I hope this helps you make your decision. 

Jamie Lamont  >>  Marketing Production Coordinator  >>  Hagerty