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Llavaneras Art

Jose Manuel Llavaneras is a renowned artist from Maracay, Venezuela.  At his young age, his work has been exhibited in numerous art galleries in different cities of Venezuela and more recently at the Cerdá Museum in Spain.

His work experience includes serving as head Professor of “Analytical Drawing I” and supplementary subjects as: “Watercolor and texturing” in a renowned graphic design center in Maracay, Venezuela; and since 2007 teaches Art: Painting and Drawing for children and adults in his own workshop.


Honorable Mention in Painting XVII Calabozo Hall. Year 2006.
A.I.C.A. Award (International Association of Art Critics) at the VII Salon of Visual Arts, honor Grazia Deledda.
Second Prize for emerging artists. 1rst contest Outdoor Painting in honor of the “Virgen de la Candelaria”. February 2001. Turmero-Edo Aragua.
First prize for young artists. Contest XVIII Air Painting "Youth Day" in February 2001. The Victoria-Edo. Aragua.

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Cotufa Designs

Cotufa aka Jorge, is a wicked multi-media artist from Venezuela.  Jorge's work is prominent on  

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Studio Kisun

Studio Ki Sun (aka Sheriann Ki Sun Burnham) is an artist and designer whose current work mixes and combines interests in abstraction, modernism, tech, the environment and sustainability.  With over 30 years professional experience, she is an internationally exhibited and published fine artist specializing in digital/mixed media painting and wall sculpture;  and a freelance designer of graphic, product and online design.

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Ras Jahn
I really like thinking of art in terms of boards.  I think it starts back to when I was a young skate rat.  We drooled over the skate deck designs in magazines like "Thrasher" and were captivated when we saw them in our local skate shop.  Those days and memories really left a mark on me.  As my focus moved more toward the ocean and surfboards I would draw designs on my notebooks in school for the next airbrush on my custom board.  Now with the BoardLam process the possibilities are basically infinite and that skateboard graphic "vibe" can now be applied to any board.

Todd Marti Photography

Todd has an unbelievable eye for the beauty in all things.  His photography work is an awe inspiring way to look at the people, places and things that surround our world.  

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Byvik Ink
Located in Encinitas CA, Byvik Ink is a great group of designers with a great vision for art and design.
James Clower

Our man in the East. 

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