BoardLams and The AMGEN Tour of California

May 14, 2018Mariale Reinhard

A few months ago, we received a phone call from the organizers of the AMGEN Tour of California. The Amgen Tour is an annual professional tour de France – style cycling road race created by AEG that invites the world’s top professional cycling teams to compete along a demanding course that travels across hundreds of miles of California. It is the only men’s cycling race in the U.S. on the UCI World Tour calendar.

The phone call turned into a unique project for us. Given the strong surf culture in California, the Amgen team came up with the idea of incorporating surfboards in this year’s event as the sign in boards for the riders. After collaborating with the Amgen team we were able to create 10 surfboards, each one with unique art specific to the city hosting the stage of the race. Here is a beautiful video by The Amgen Tour team where you can see how the boards were used and learn more about this awesome collaboration!

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