Let's get creative in 2014!

Jan 01, 2014John Reinhard

Thanks to all of our BoardLams customers for a great year! 

In case you did not hear, we have some exciting new options for you for your board graphics needs in 2014:

1) Premium PrintingWe are in full production with our "Premium Print Style".  With our Premium Printing we can provide ricepaper logos and graphics that are very opaque and rich in color.  We achieve this with our ability to digitally print the color white.  It sounds simple but it's actually quite a challenging endeavor and we have mastered our white printing techniques.  Not only can you now have printed white designs but with white under printing aka "flashing" we can create a base layer of white and then print your logo colors on top of the white.  This makes for bolder colors but also ensures that your colors will stay true and "pop" when placed on painted or tinted boards.  

2) Sticker PrintingWe can produce stickers to support your branding efforts.  Please contact us for pricing and setup options. 

3) The BoardLams CustomizerHave you tried our BoardLams Customizer?  It's a great online design tool to help you create and layout your logos and board designs.  Give it a try today

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