Our Print Styles and Materials

Here at BoardLams our goal is to offer you art and graphics solutions for both boards getting built and existing boards.  We've been testing materials and construction techniques for years and have come up with a variety of printing options and material offerings that can meet the demands of nearly any board application.   

Use this guide to help you determine which BoardLams PRINTING STYLE  is right for your application.





This section applies to our "Standard Ricepaper Prints" and Fiberlams printing.

Our standard print offering works great for full board graphics, small designs and logo / lam applications on white based boards.  With our Standard Printing Style any color can be printed with the exception of the color white.  On white based boards you don't need the color white because the white color will be inherited from the board color.  If you plan to apply BoardLams to boards with a dark base color (airbrush) or you really want printed white in your logos then you should consider our Premium Printing Style. 




This section applies to our "Premium Ricepaper Prints"

Our premium print offering includes the ability to print the color white for your designs.  This is important if you plan to use our BoardLams on boards with a dark color base (airbrush) or you simply want the printed color white in your designs.  With this style we have the ability to first print a base layer of white and then print your design colors on top of the white.  With this process your BoardLam can be applied to any color board and the color of your design will show through.

Even if you don't need white ink in your design, we find the colors produced by our premium printing to be richer and more vibrant.

Premium Printing File Requirements:  Best to setup your artwork through a vector based design program like Adobe Illustrator.  In Illustrator create a separate layer (on the bottom) that has all of the elements that need to be printed white (or under printed white).   Even better if your artist can create a CMYK spot color swatch in Illustrator called "RDG_WHITE" and assign that color to anything in that layer that needs white.  

We can also do the setup for you for a setup fee which is $60 per hour.


Use this guide to help you determine which BoardLams MATERIAL is right for your application.

  • Boards being built (Applies to surfboards, SUP boards and just about anything that will be constructed using fiberglass and resin)
  1. BoardLams Rice Paper - Our BoardLams Rice Paper is custom developed to our specifications from some of the finest paper making factories in Japan.  Our BoardLams Rice Paper is extremely lightweight, registers colors very well and becomes clear when laminated to your board, leaving only the printed image showing.  We use BoardLams Rice Paper for our "One Size Fits All" designs, "Your Logo" sheet prints and any job that demands that the material becomes completely transparent when laminated.  We have done tons of research and development into our Rice Paper and feel that it is the best on the market.  Give it a try, we think you will agree.
  2. FiberLams "Printed Fiberglass"Our latest breakthrough technology.  Our FiberLams are printed directly to a tight woven, aerospace grade fiberglass.  This weave allows for beautiful imaging and color.   FiberLams offer the structural benefits of fiberglass to your product and works well for laminators and in-mold product manufacturing.
  • Boards already built (New and used surfboards, SUP boards, snowboards, skateboards and just about anything that has a smooth surface)
  1. BoardWraps Vinyl  - Our BoardLam Vinyl is for exterior board applications and is similar to the "Vehicle Wraps" that you see on cars, trucks and boats.  Our BoardLam Vinyl is waterproof and laminated to prevent scuffs and scratches.  Like with any "sticker" the better you apply it, the longer it will last.  We offer custom design work and professional installation for our BoardWraps.  If you would like us to work on a project or do an install for you then just contact us for more details.