About Us

Located in Costa Mesa, CA, the "Epicenter" for the world's surf industry, BoardLams.com is a collaboration between surfboard builders and artists committed to keeping surfboards unique, vibrant and beautiful.  The BoardLams concept and laminate materials were developed to meet the creative demands of surfers and board riders around the world while considering the requirements and process of modern board manufacturing.  

Why choose graphics from BoardLams.com?

  • Developed by experienced surfboard builders to meet the art / graphics needs of surfers and board riders
  • Our BoardLams are super lightweight and color rich
  • Any photo, graphic or image can be achieved with our BoardLams
  • Our BoardLams are used by shapers and board builders around the globe
  • We think your board is unique and should be a direct reflection of you.  We are passionate about surfing and board building and are here to help you achieve your vision for your board!
:: Respect! ::

~ The good people at boardLams.com