TURBO BoardLams© Ricepaper - Large Sheet Prints

  • Got a logo or design that you want created into BoardLams for your own personal boards / products that you build or that you are having built? Have photographs or artwork that you want to add to your board / product? You have a choice between the various "Sizes" and print styles that we offer. Choose a BoardLam standard size that best fits your design(s). You are welcome to put as many variations / colors / sizes of your design that will fit in the BoardLam size that you are purchasing.

  • Standard Printing - Prints all colors with the exception of white ink. Any white in your design will be printed clear. If your board is white this area will appear white. If your board is blue for example then all these clear areas will become blue

    Premium Printing - Includes optional white ink printing. This is important if you need printed white or if you need white under-printed (flashed) on your logos so that the colors stay true when placed on a colored board or product. Premium printing works best with vector files. Please see our file requirements for Premium Printing for more details

  • * Apply your own artwork, graphic, brand or design to your board or composite product

    * Print a sheet of your brand / model logos and apply them to your boards / products

    * Place photographs of a special moment or person on your board

    * Design "signature boxes" to sign and provide information about your board / product

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Dont have a completed print layout yet and / or want to create something online now?

Click to watch our BoardLams Customizer Tutorial Video for more details on how to use the Customizer.

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