Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS™)

  • Shark deterrent visual technology printed direct to our FiberLams™ and Ricepaper products. Developed in Australia by Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS™) and applied to the bottom of your surfboard during production.

    The design is based on new knowledge from respected shark researchers on how predatory sharks see.

    While sharks use various methods to locate prey, their visual sense is critical in the final moments before an engagement. By disrupting a shark’s vision, an attack can either be delayed or diverted, allowing the user time to exit the water.

    This patented visual design breaks up the silhouette of the board so that it appears unlike normal shark prey and reduces the risk of a mistaken identity attack.

    *Note:  Product is BoardLams graphic only.  Board, Paddle - Sold separately and not included.

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Taj Burrow Shark Deterring Print by SAMS + Boardlams

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