Aug 21, 2018Mariale Reinhard

Few things bring us as much joy as surfing with good friends. One thing that definitely comes close: skating with good friends. As some of you may already know, the BoardLams shop got a sweet new mini ramp. This 24’ x 12’ x 4’ piece of sacred shredding ground has been a source of sooo much stoke at the shop. So why not share it with our friends?

From this idea was birthed “Skating with…”, a new series in which we invite some of our favorite shaper friends to a skate sesh, and ask them a few questions about the brands we love.

First up.. Critters Surfboards!! Helmed by Caleb Moritz, the LA County-based surf company has been delivering an undeniable lineup of sticks. We enjoyed a sesh with the Critters squad and then a candid conversation with Caleb about what it means to be a Critter.

Moritz began by sharing with us his brand’s beginnings. We chat about the organic process of building his company, and how the intricate builds and eye-catching designs he boasts now started with a simple interest for the process and “a lot of googling”. Like so many successful brands, Critters rise came from a somewhat accidental morph from hobby-shaping, to becoming the board of choice for friends and family, to on the racks at your local surf shop. Caleb talked us through some of the difficulties of this transition and the decisions one has to make in order to maintain a quality product.

We also talked about his design process, what inspires him, his favorite surf spot, and how he aligns with the trends of today. We hope you enjoy “Skating with...:”



Gabe Acosta

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