In the Lamlight: Earth Technologies

Mar 21, 2018Gabe Acosta

To say that we were stoked to visit these guys is an understatement. Earth Technologies and its fearless leader, Ryan Harris, are at the front lines of the battle for greener surfboard manufacturing- and it’s been that way for quite some time.Ryan has recently reopened his doors, and seriously upgraded his operation.

Formerly known as E-Tech, they have been reimagined with a superior vision, as Earth Technologies.  We’d heard nothing but great things about the new site and were super eager to experience the buzz first-hand.

Ryan and the boys were gracious enough to demonstrate their space and sustainable practices. We shared a round of morning Tecates, some laughs, and then the fun began.

It felt like we were given a royal tour, with every detail of the facility thoroughly explained.

Ryan is a mad scientist of sorts, swallowing your attention whole with his vision of the future… until you realize his vision is being materialized in front of your very eyes. Ryan’s green ambitions have made Earth Technologies the world’s greenest high-performance surfboard facility.

These efforts are all part of their coined “Switch to Zero” campaign. From a slick attention to detail, to building in a way that maximizes recyclability, to the use of mealworms as a method of eliminating waste- it’s all in a day’s work at Earth Technologies.

We all share a passion for an activity which brings us closer to nature, and in-turn ourselves. It is vital that we respect the fragile source of our passion, and support those who make it their mission to protect it. In the end we thank the Earth Technologies team for not only the tour, but what they are doing for our industry and the world.

To learn more about Earth Technologies’ “Switch to Zero” movement, check out

Looking to contact Ryan and the Earth Technologies team?


Gabe Acosta

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