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Apr 21, 2012John Reinhard

How do we end up where we do?  I mean there must be some guiding force that helps us choose our path in life.  My road started back as early as I start having "solid" memories.  I remember how enchanted I was when I caught my first wave (ok so I was on a body board but I must have been 12 years old and I graduated to a surfboard shortly after).  The push of the ocean, the energy and speed I felt moving across the water was and still is very addicting (considering all the addictions out there this was quite a good choice...are you listening Mom? :).

Flash forward a couple of decades and my new surfing related challenge was to figure out how to build my own surfboard from start to finish.  Much like my surfing career, I started out board building with a ton of enthusiam and almost unquenchable thirst to learn more about the art.  I come from a very artistic family so the surfboard shaping thing really fulfilled a deep creative need inside of me.  Until I picked up a planer and started scratching away at a surfboard blank I had no clue what my "artistic calling" was.  I found that in creative process that is surfboard building.

Even today, I continue to consider the surfboard as more than a tool to ride waves.  I think there is a much deeper connection than that for us wave riders.  In such, I have always thought that surfboards should be personal and a reflection of their riders.  Something that we can connect to, something fun and interesting to talk about with our friends and fellow surfers.  

As a surfboard builder and through my brand "Uhuru Surfcraft" my mission was to create surfboards as unique as their very riders and as personalized (through shape, design and art) as the customer wanted to take it.  I did not want to put barriers up based on time or process considerations but rather stimulate the creative process of my customers.  To help open the doors to the "artistic" side of custom surfboards, I worked hard to figure out a way to allow any graphic or design to be achieved on surfboards.  Lots of testing and trial and error lead me to my approach of digitally printed graphics inlays for surfboards.  Uhuru customers responded well and lots of boards were built with their artwork design ideas enblazened on their custom boards .  As these boards started to circulate it became apparent that there was a need in the surfboard building industry for high quaility digitally printed graphics to compliment what was currently the norm through airbrush and silk-screening techniques.  Gradually other board builders and their customers started to enlist our graphic inlay process to help customize their boards and we were happy to help.   

Today with the launch of a new chapter begins.  This is a project that I share with my family and it is very close to our hearts.  I consider to be the next step in our path to contributing to the surfing community and lifestyle that has such an impact on our lives.   We all pitch in to work through the design, execution and delivery of our stock and customized surfboard graphics or as we affectionately call them "BoardLams". is the place where you can get art / graphic solutions for your custom board building needs.

So here is our plan moving forward; We've partnered with some great artists and will feature their designs and hope to continually keep a fresh face on surfboards.  We'll be adding new designs as fast as we can and hope to continue to broaden the works of our new and existing artists.  

We don't care who makes your board, if you want some of our art, you got it.  Maybe you have your own art or need logos for your personal line of surfboards, no problem, we can create custom BoardLams for you as well.

Stay stoked people.  Surfing is one of the greatest rewards in life.  We are here to help you make it a little more personal.

:: Respect! ::

John Reinhard / Dude

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