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Complete Boards

With our complete board offerings we take care for just about everything!  All we need from you is the design concept and supporting artwork and we build the board to your specifications.  Whether it is 1 board or 100, we have the experience and capacity to be your one-stop-shop for complete surfboards for: 

Marketing / Promotional Usage - Create signage, giveaways, raffle products all with your brand's logos and messaging.

Ready to Ride and Decorative Applications - Style out your lineup, home or office with a custom built surfboard and one of our unique BoardLams.  Express yourself!

Never had a board built and not sure what to do?  Don't worry we are pros and we will help you through the process and make sure that the final product meets your "vision".
Complete Surfboards: Ready to Ride, Decorate or for Marketing / Promotional & Branding from $585.00 USD
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