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July 28, 2016

...because they say nice things like this.  Thanks Mike, pleasure doing business with you!

First, let me just say that since I first discovered you guys, not only has it been actually cheaper than what I was paying with a previous individual, even though I'm on the east coast, it has also been a pleasure and the satisfaction level I have with every one of the orders I have placed is beyond measurable.

The reason I email you guys today is because you have made me more than happy, tremendously excited to glass one forceful board, and I wish I could literally hug every employee.

Why am I this happy? Well, my grandfather, who is in his late 80s now and unfortunately does t seem like he has much more time here with us, is the individual who while growing up taught me how to use hand tools. I learned the art of woodwork in his basement and had a love for creating and working with my hands since a child. Those skills and that love I brought with me when I started shaking boards. And I owe all my knowledge and skill to him.

He has a 1955 Chevy bel air still in his driveway, that has been his main vehicle since I can remember as a kid back in the 80s. No longer physically able to drive it, I decided to build a longboard inspired by its lines, and in the same color pattern as his car.

Upon opening the custom fiberglass print, I knew immediately that this board is going to come out so amazing and I can not wait to show him!  


I honestly just wanted to thank everyone there who works so hard on so many orders for clients way bigger than myself, but never forgetting us smaller shapers and always treating us just as good as the bigger clients. You guys are great. Thanks. And I'll be posting finished pics on my Instagram. I'll make sure I tag you guys.


Mike Shanley


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